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As the most advanced model in our fleet, the Rocket Rig™ has raised the bar in a competitive industry committed to continuous improvement.  Innovative engineering and practical design are fundamental characteristics that have established its steadfast reputation of high-level performance. Safe, efficient, effective and reliable, our Rocket Rig™ features the superior equipment, progressive technology and world-class integration required to engage and overcome our clients' most challenging drilling projects.


 Model Mast Substructure
Rocket-A2 142'H rated at 800k Static Hook Load  25'H rated at 800k Casing/ 600k Setback Load 
Rocket-B2 144'H rated at 800k Static Hook Load  23'H rated at 800k Casing / 600k Setback Load 
Rocket-C 144'H rated at 800k Static Hook Load  23'H rated at 800k Casing / 600k Setback Load
Rocket-D 144'H rated at 800k Static Hook Load 23'H rated at 800k Casing / 600k Setback Load 
Rocket-EMAX 144'H rated at 1mm Static Hook Load  23'H rated at 1mm Casing / 750k Setback Load 
  • DC and AC models available
  • (3) Caterpillar 3512 / Kato 6P6-3150 Generator Packages
  • (2) or (3) 1600 hp / 7,500 psi Triplex Mud Pumps 
  • 1400 bbl Mud System
  • TDS-11SA 500 ton / 800 hp AC Top Drive 
  • ST-80 Iron Roughneck 
  • Hydraulic Catwalk
  • Driller's Cabin with Fully-Integrated Electronic Controls and Drilling System
  • Optional RigWalker™ System


Multi-Well Pad (10' Spacing)Multi-Well Pad (15' Spacing)

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Multi-well pad drilling has become common practice for many operators today. Scarcity of land in urban areas encompassed by prolific shale plays and less significant regulations on acreage spacing have influenced a transition away from the conventional approach of drilling one well per location. This more cost-effective method of exploring for and producing natural gas has challenged Drillers to develop more efficient alternatives to traditional "rig skidding" procedures. The RigWalker™ is our answer.

The system consists of four walker modules that attach to each corner of the substructure, all with synchronized operation from a central hydraulic control station. With a robust lift capacity of 2.4 million pounds, the RigWalker™ is capable of lifting and laterally moving the entire drilling structure in one of eight directions, in one foot increments.  Its smooth, effortless hydraulic operation is designed to move the rig to engage the next well with minimal preparation, without disconnecting power, and with the fully-assembled BOP stack hanging under the floor and drill pipe racked to full setback capacity... eliminating the need to lay down drill pipe between wells.

At Cactus, we're committed to delivering maximum value for our customers. Specifically designed to maximize safety and minimize non-productive time on multi-well pads, the RigWalker™ has enabled us to provide our clients with an added premium service that is a safe, reliable and highly-efficient alternative to traditional "rig skidding" procedures.

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