Keeping rigs running is essential if you expect to succeed as a drilling contractor. It affects margins and frequently determines if a customer returns to drill another well. That’s why a good service department is critical. Not surprisingly, Cactus has one of the best.

 “I don’t mind saying that our service department is great,” said Mike Heronema, Cactus Service Manager. “Each person in it is 100 percent committed to keeping our rigs running. The knowledge they possess is incredible and our ability to work as a team is unmatched in the industry in my opinion.”

 That teamwork was on display recently when a brake failed on rig 154.

“Our controls and instrumentation guys and our mechanics all worked together to completely rebuild the brake,” said Heronema. “Then the rig crew joined the team and helped the service tech when he got on location. The rig was soon back up and running which is why we exist in the first place.”

 The key to a good service department is not just rapid response to problems, however. The key is keeping those problems from happening in the first place. And that begins with preventive maintenance.

“We have developed a preventive maintenance program where every piece of Cactus equipment that is working is inspected at regular intervals,” said Heronema. “We see potential problems and fix them before they occur.”

That maintenance program, and the hands that execute it, are big reasons why operators select Cactus time after time.


Question of the Day


What makes Cactus service great?

“We always have someone available to handle problems at the rig no matter what time of the day or night.”

 Joshua Newport, Field Mechanic


“Teamwork. We have a really good team and we all come together to fix any problem no matter what it is.”

Troy Tull, Controls Technician

“Service department personnel pay attention to detail and we are absolutely dedicated to preventive maintenance.”

 Kenneth Boyanton, eMaint. Mgr

“We have people from all walks of life and the knowledge, attitude and experience everyone brings to the table is unmatched in the industry.”

 Dave Stottlemyre, Top Drive and Maintenance Coordinator


“We have a positive attitude that is visible in everything we do. It makes the quality of our work better and our customers happy.”

Dalton Finnigan, Top Drive Mechanic


“We check out each piece of equipment every month and we teach rig hands to do the same. We fix the problem before it happens, not after.”

 Vernon Weed, ST-80 Service Technician