Some people fit the description “jack of all trades.” That's a person who can do pretty much anything that needs to be done. Kenneth Casey, yard manager at Cactus’ yard in Odessa, Texas, would be one of those people.

Need a rig manager for a day? Kenneth’s your man. Need a hot shot driver to get a piece of equipment to the rig in a hurry? Call on Kenneth. Night watchman at the yard doesn’t show up? Well, you know who you’re going to call and it’s not ghostbusters.

"My job description is pretty simple,” said Casey. “Just do what you have to do to keep the rigs running, to keep downtime to a minimum.”

According to Casey, the most difficult part of the job is finding stuff that’s not in the yard, that can’t be fabricated or welded overnight. That’s why he has 2300 contacts in his phone. Some days he gets 100 calls before lunch.

“The welders here are great, they can make almost anything,” said Casey. “My job is to get them the parts they need, or to get those things they can’t make.”

Casey’s had what you would call an interesting career. He has tried his hand at well servicing, even spent some time as a dairy farmer, a skill which might come in handy if any Cactus rigs ever need milk.

“I’ve settled down now,” said Casey. “This is a great company, great people. I’m here until they run me off.”