New Rig! Rig 169 heads for the Texas Panhandle.


Not many drilling contractors are deploying new builds these days, but Cactus is taking the lead with the construction and mobilization of a new EMAX series Rocket Rig. Rig 169 will be drilling in the Anadarko Basin in the Texas Panhandle for Tecolote Energy headquartered in Tulsa.  

“Rig 169 is a fit-for-purpose, tier 1 AC drilling rig that is ideally-equipped for multi-well pads and extended laterals,” said Josh Simons, Cactus’ Vice President of Operations. "The EMAX series Rocket is an 1800 hp, fully automated high-spec rig designed to perform in any basin within our operational footprint and beyond." 

Rig 169 is equipped with some of the latest technology including an automated pipe handler that eliminates the need to have someone in the mast and on the fingerboard during routine tripping operations (as seen on the cover). The pipe-handling system is fully operational from inside the driller's cabin.

“We continue to develop and deploy rigs that are designed with safety and drilling efficiency in mind,” said Simons. “The EMAX series Rocket is a reflection of that philosophy.” 

Rig 169 also has two 1600 hp / 7500 psi mud pumps (with an optional third pump), and can rack 25,000' of drill pipe plus BHA up to the 750,000# setback load capacity. 

“Pad drilling efficiency and increased racking capacity to accommodate longer lateral lengths have become more critical as our customers seek to keep their overall field development costs low in a somewhat stable, yet lower oil price environment,” said Simons. “We are reacting to that by developing rigs that are purpose-built for multiple wells in a small surface footprint and with measured depths up to 25,000 feet.” 

Rig 169 features:

Alta ARS-1813 drawworks rated @ 1800 hp

(2) 1600 hp / 7500 psi mud pumps (optional third)

NOV TDS-11SA 500 ton / 800 hp top drive

144'H mast rated @ 1MM# static hook load

23'H sub rated @ 1MM# rotary load

750k# setback load / 25,000' racking capacity

Omron Precise control system, driller's cabin and VFD

Canrig PowerCat 3000 hydraulic catwalk

NOV STV automated pipe handler


Veristic "Rig Walker" walking system