Ask anyone affiliated with Cactus Drilling and they know Pete. And they like him—a lot. With a career in the oil and gas industry spanning over 40 years, Pete Martin met Cactus President Ron Tyson in 1997, and the rest is a story of true friendship and loyalty. “Pete is the kind of guy that knows and is respected by everyone in the business,” Ron says. “We don’t know how he does it, but he can always get a meeting with a potential client, and that respect has benefitted Cactus tremendously.”

Originally from Velma, Oklahoma, as a boy Pete would shadow his father who worked as a driller in the summertime. After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma, Pete went on to follow his father’s footsteps working on the rigs during the late 70’s and early 80’s. He began working for Cactus in 2003, and those decades of experience and contacts proved to be a valuable asset.

As the front man and face of Cactus, Pete has become more than just an employee, but a true ambassador. “His ability to get along with our customers is unparalleled,” says Kathy Willingham, Vice President of HR and HSE. “It brings value to the company, but more importantly displays our entire company culture.” Known for his warm spirit and friendly personality, Pete’s work ethic over the years has complimented a reputation of integrity and trust. Kathy recalls talking with a customer recently who has relied on Pete for over 25 years. “He is willing to go the extra mile for our customers, giving them valuable information and trusted advice.”

Ron remembers a time when he was with Pete in Tulsa over 10 years ago attending two separate business appointments. “We had a short break in between meetings,” Ron explains, “and as we were walking past a building, Pete thought we should drop in and see a drilling manager he knew.” Without an appointment and a few handshakes later, that company is now Cactus’s largest customer. No prestigious award or honor could fully capture Pete’s outstanding contribution to Cactus. When most people think of Cactus Drilling they think of Pete Martin—and thats a great thing for us.

P.S. Our colleague and friend, Pete Martin, passed away on March 6, 2016. Consisitent with his knack for making difficult accomplisments in life look easy, Pete fought cancer with grace and dignity. Now he can rest. We will miss him.